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    Giovedì, 26 Aprile 2018
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    If You Want Your AC To Work In Summer Time, Have It Condition

    If You Want Your AC To Work In Summer Time, Have It Condition

    Among the toughest things that might happen to any kind of homeowner is to suddenly learn that their air conditioner may not work at the height of summer season. Regardless of what he previously had happening: a employment interview, a birthday celebration social gathering, or maybe a long envisioned gathering with friends, it all of a sudden has almost all now dependent regarding sunshine air conditioning ... right now! Of course, when the temperature has just turned warm, you will find you have got lots of company there along with you, for presently there will be tons of different folks who have a similar difficulty, and that happen to be also seeking support. An individual in this placement is as likely as not to possess to be prepared to wait a prolonged period before assistance arrives.

    The query always appears to be one of Who to Contact for Air Conditioning System Set Up, pertaining to a handy system that is put in place properly and well looked after is not one very likely to present difficulty. You should settle focus upon air conditioner care, nevertheless, for many people will find that even while their system performed beautifully almost all during the season, it truly is less prone to do so the year after unless of course it will be effectively maintained by an air conditioning specialist ahead of the start of heated weather. Just about all home owners should plan a yearly support call for the intention of ensuring their system is definitely clean, without leaking, and filled with coolant. Taking all these preemptive measures at almost any position in time prior to summertime is the easiest method to have the lengthiest life possible from your air conditioning.

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    Matilde Mazzieri Day

    1° Maggio 2018 - 24° Matilde Mazzieri Day

    Pranzo di Solidarietà

    Cari amici, ci farà molto piacere incontrarvi al Pranzo di Solidarietà che si terrà presso l’Hotel Ristorante Mazzieri, alle Piane di Mocogno (Lama Mocogno).

    La famiglia Mazzieri il 1° maggio da 24 anni ospita tanti amici per ricordare Mamma Matilde.

    L’intero ricavato viene devoluto al sostegno dei progetti alimentari dell’H.E.W.O Modena ONLUS nelle Comunità di Etiopia.

    Vi aspettiamo numerosi per questo bellissimo impegno di solidarietà!

    Per permetterci di organizzare al meglio l’accoglienza è necessaria la prenotazione entro mercoledì 25 aprile.


    Programma della giornata:

    ore 11.30 Spuntino di benvenuto

    ore 12.30 Ingresso nel salone museo, aperitivo e breve testimonianza da parte dei volontari di H.E.W.O

    ore 13.15 Inizio Pranzo

    Costo a persona € 40.00



    Fam Mazzieri 0536-45000

    Margherita 0536-45256

    Giancarlo e Piera 0536-945535

    Sergio e Claudia 0536-943193

    Primo e Clara 0536-941360

    Polli e Patty 0536-948164