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    Giovedì, 26 Aprile 2018
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    Increase Your On The Web Sales For Your Productive Business

    Increase Your On The Web Sales For Your Productive Business

    If you're a company owner who has an incredible item, you probably are looking for unique ways to discover prospects. It could be a bit discouraging when folks aren't enthusiastic about everything you are offering. This does not imply your item is no good. Rather, it simply means that you'll want to contact a bigger crowd of individuals. Something is for sure, social networking is extremely important for every business proprietor. This is where people browse the information, read more about unique products and firms in addition to a location to visit find the latest goods. Because of this you'll want to make the most of the benefit associated with technology. Read more about how to recruit online for network marketers now.

    There are plenty of individuals who are looking for everything you have to offer. The key is to be able to locate them. Thankfully, you will find a 3rd party supplier who is pleased to sit down along with you to go over the different issues concerning top 5 direct selling companies. They may want to talk to an individual over the phone to explore your small business. They will bring in some of their web marketing methods and let you know how you can turn your company completely all around. With thanks to the Internet, there's a whole new whole world of people who find themselves interested in everything you have to offer. Discover ways to find these people and commence earning profits over the world. This technique could go swiftly when you are ready to get started, set up a consultation today. Earning money online is easier than ever before in the event that you have the right means.

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    Matilde Mazzieri Day

    1° Maggio 2018 - 24° Matilde Mazzieri Day

    Pranzo di Solidarietà

    Cari amici, ci farà molto piacere incontrarvi al Pranzo di Solidarietà che si terrà presso l’Hotel Ristorante Mazzieri, alle Piane di Mocogno (Lama Mocogno).

    La famiglia Mazzieri il 1° maggio da 24 anni ospita tanti amici per ricordare Mamma Matilde.

    L’intero ricavato viene devoluto al sostegno dei progetti alimentari dell’H.E.W.O Modena ONLUS nelle Comunità di Etiopia.

    Vi aspettiamo numerosi per questo bellissimo impegno di solidarietà!

    Per permetterci di organizzare al meglio l’accoglienza è necessaria la prenotazione entro mercoledì 25 aprile.


    Programma della giornata:

    ore 11.30 Spuntino di benvenuto

    ore 12.30 Ingresso nel salone museo, aperitivo e breve testimonianza da parte dei volontari di H.E.W.O

    ore 13.15 Inizio Pranzo

    Costo a persona € 40.00



    Fam Mazzieri 0536-45000

    Margherita 0536-45256

    Giancarlo e Piera 0536-945535

    Sergio e Claudia 0536-943193

    Primo e Clara 0536-941360

    Polli e Patty 0536-948164